Who we are

Sacred Space Kingston is the collective vision of a number of local people. We have come together to show through the arts, community and the re-imagining of ancient spiritual practices an alternative way to live, one modelling Jesus. We have been going for a decade and are officially a Fresh Expression of Church in Southwark Diocese.


Sacred Space, Kingston marks the Celtic wheel of the year, including summer and winter solstices, with spiritual reflections and reframed ancient rituals. We have community meals where we share food, friendship and our creativity with one another. We will be hosting a regular, weekly silent meditation on Thursdays at 5.30-6pm in All Saints Church, Kingston Marketplace, from Thursday 28th September 2023. Using a well-known method of meditation attributed to John Main, each participant will choose their own sacred word or phrase to focus on during the silence. Everyone is welcome, no matter what their beliefs or whether they adhere to a particular faith tradition or none at all.

SSK summer solstice tree hugging June 2019

Mind, Body, Spirit

We recognise the importance of well-being for body, mind and spirit and seek to engage all these aspects of our personhood when we encounter the divine. This we do through embodied prayer, mindfulness meditations and honest conversation about our doubts, struggles and questions. We believe in a life-long journey of faith, discovery and growth through relationship with God, mutual respect for one another and an appreciation of all creation.

st beunos labyrinth

Community Engagement

We are welcoming and inclusive journeying with spiritual seekers and finding opportunities to bring our imaginative contemplation to other local groups and faith communities. A member of Sacred Space Kingston initiated the Kingston Town Centre Chaplaincy Service and we have participated at community events such as the Surbiton Festival and Coronation by providing craft activities on a spiritual theme.

Please get in touch by emailing sacredspace.kingston@googlemail.com.

2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Brian Miller says:

    Reading your article in the Baptist Times, I recognised similar themes to recent experience in Scotland. It was clear from discussion at the last Assembly of the Baptist Union of Scotland that chaplaincy of various sorts is an area offering much opportunity for service and witness. This extends also to the fields of education and health – schools are in much need of help to meet their curriculum commitments relating to spiritual aspects of whole life education and many health centres welcome the presence of a counselling service for clients. Although chaplaincy is not new, there are new opportunities arising in this field. As the current chairman of the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office Advisory Group, I also see these opportunities arising and being developed from an ecumenical perspective. All helps in expanding the kingdom!

  2. Cerys says:


    I am interested in visiting your project and learning from your community.

    Please let me know if I can come and learn from you.

    Many thanks,


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