My first steps into Blogging


I loved a seminar I went to at the weekend as part of Inspire church network day out.  It has introduced me to the world of open theology which I am looking forward to finding out a lot more about.  But as part of the experience I also had to endure the bit I really hate, worship.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with God but I find it so hard being in a room full of people who are so confident that they can change the world.  Sometimes it is as much as I can do to get out of bed.  So when those who wondered if they could ‘go again’ to make a difference were invited to be prayed for, I reluctantly went to the front.  I hate standing there waiting for someone to petition God on my behalf but soon I was surrounded by kind friends along with my 11 year old son, Dan.  People prayed and encouraged me.  Then Dan spoke words straight into my situation which I knew could have only been revealed by the divine.  A couple of days later a friend recounted a conversation she had with a child about how lots of things that were in books which we wished could be true were not, and yet how some of those things we are told are not true really are.  This got me thinking about how the older I become the less sure I am about having any answers to the big questions but also the less it seems to matter.  Maybe this is what it means to be like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is less about understanding, more about wonder – running into the light with the anticipation of limitless possibilities. 

Thanks to Jonny Baker for the inspiring image.

One thought on “My first steps into Blogging

  1. jonny baker says:

    welcome to the blogosphere!

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