Answering the wrong question?



Here I am giving the Mayor of Kingston a hand massage at the Surbiton Festival on Saturday.  I had a great day with lots of good conversations about life and faith.  One encounter in particular has left me wondering if we try to answer the question that people aren’t actually asking.  I met an amazing lady who wanted prayer because she described herself as a healer. She felt depleted because having given out to others she needed to be spiritually replenished.  Before allowing us to pray, she checked that we were Christians and described how she had had a vision of Jesus 18 months ago. She recounted how wonderful it had been and that in that moment she would have gone anywhere with Him had He asked.  My fellow Christian then began to explain how Jesus had died for her sins and asked me for a ‘Why Jesus?’ booklet to give her.  Since, I have begun to wonder whether rather than ‘Why Jesus?’ we should be seeking to express ‘Who Jesus?’ It was the Pharisees who questioned why.  Jesus’ friends and followers wanted to know Him and imitate His example.

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