Does size matter?

There is one question that we seem obsessed with.  Have we made our God too small?  I must have heard it a million times and it is a particular favourite at the beginning of a new year.  However, whenever I hear this question posed it always strikes me that this is not really what is being asked.  The question is actually are our plans sufficiently ambitious and audacious so that God will be shown to be totally on our side and appear mighty and powerful when He blesses us and makes them happen in a miraculous way?  If this is the case, then I would suggest that behind the question is actually a lack of trust in God which those who pose it would be shocked to concede.  The issue for me is rather than trying to make God do what we think He should in as high profile a manner as possible, we need to acknowledge where He is already at work in His world and partner with Him to see His transforming plan for humanity fulfilled.  Just one example of how this operates is in seeing people come to a saving faith.  We sing how God is the author of salvation, yet when we get into a conversation with a non-Christian feel the need to explain the gospel and seal the deal with the sinners’ prayer in case they die that night and go to hell because we have not done what we should when we got the chance.  Yet it always amazes me how when you listen to someone who has not yet acknowledged Christ as Lord, more often than not God has already begun to reveal Himself through their questions and search for meaning, in conversations with others or in dreams and other spiritual experiences that cannot easily be explained away.  Thus if you are ever tempted to ask if you have made God too small, a better question might be are you willing to let God be God?  And are you ready to be obedient in whatever He asks of you so that you can help fulfil His amazing, life-giving plan?  Size really is not the issue, surrender is!


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