Flash Fiction – Incineration


One of the values of Sacred Space Kingston is creativity and story telling. A member of our community, Denise Dale, has been attending a creative writing course and we wanted to share one of her recent stories. Be warned, it’s a murder mystery and a bit gruesome! So please don’t read if you are of a nervous disposition. However, it’s a well written and engaging tale, so we hope you enjoy it. Thank you Denise for being willing to post it.

Ray remembered sweeping her up into his arms and swinging her round, laughing together. It felt like they were the only two people in the world.

Driving home he recounted their first date. Ray had admired her from afar for months and had asked a mutual friend to introduce them. They hit it off straight away and talked and laughed all evening. Ray knew then that she was the one for him. He didn’t want anyone else, Lucy was his soul-mate.

“Fancy a spin on the motorbike Lucy? I know a stunning secluded beech where we can take a picnic”.

“That sounds wonderful Ray”.
They packed a cool box full of food and wine and off they rode. Lucy was used to riding pillion and leaning over at just the right time. Today however as Ray took a corner somehow the bike skidded and went over. It landed on Lucy’s leg. Lucy was in hospital for a number of weeks and had to have a plate fitted.

Today, a year after their first date, they were meeting for lunch in their favourite restaurant and Ray was planning to propose to Lucy; he’d bought the ring last week but hadn’t plucked up the courage to ask her yet. After lunch they drove to the nearby woodlands where he was planning to propose to her by the lake.

“Ray I have something I need to talk to you about”.
“Me too, you go first though”.

“It isn’t good news – Craig and I have been seeing each other recently, it started off as friends, however, we discovered we have feelings for each other and I am in love with him. I am so sorry Ray I know this must come as a shock. I do still care for you though, I’m just not in love with you anymore.”

“Ray was stunned, he hadn’t seen this coming.

“Well maybe it’s infactuation Lucy not love. I love you Lucy we belong together.”

“I am sorry Ray but it’s over.”

“I am going to see him now but I wanted to see you first and tell you in person, it felt the best thing to do.”

“Goodbye Ray”. She leant forward and gave him a peck on the cheek and turned to go.

Returning home he cleaned the car, took a shower and began lighting a bonfire in the garden.

That night his sleep was disturbed with dreams of happy times with Lucy mixed with their final hours earlier that day, when she told him it was over and she was in love with Craig.

The next morning he heard his Mum shouting up the stairs.

“Ray, phone call for you. It’s Lucy’s Mum”

“Ray do you know where Lucy is? She didn’t come home last night and I know you met her for lunch yesterday. She’s not answering her mobile and I’m worried sick.”

“She told me she was going to see Craig, have you contacted him?”

“Yes, he says she didn’t show up. If she contacts you can you let me know? If I haven’t heard by noon I’m ringing the police.”

“Yep will do”. Ray’s heart was pounding and his mind racing.

He drove to the woods where he had been with Lucy yesterday. “Please be here, please be here”. He saw her pink leather handbag and picked it up. He began recalling the events of the previous day….

“Hello anyone at home?” he sighed with relief when no-one answered. He went to the bathroom, washed his hands and picked up his Dad’s keys to crematorium, which he knew would be closed today.

There were plenty of coffins in the room each containing a dead body. He couldn’t fit her whole body in with some-one else, he would have to cut her up and divide her into several coffins.

“I had to do this Lucy; I couldn’t let any-one else have you, you belong to me. Craig wasn’t your type he wouldn’t have made you happy like I would.”

He laid her body on the floor. He picked up the axe and began dismembering her body.

“I remember how these arms used to hold me so tenderly”. He said picking up her left arm, removing her bracelet, watch and rings. Holding her ring finger in his hand he said softly,

“I was going to propose to you Lucy by the lake, I had it planned; I know you would have said yes” Taking the engagement ring out of his pocket he placed it on her finger. “You are mine forever”.

The axe was sharp so it was easier than he had expected to cut off her legs and head.

Using the casket key to open each coffin he slowly and carefully arranged each small body part in a selection of coffins, holding his breath as the stench hit his nostrils.

“I loved every part of you Lucy – I will never forget you. This day could’ve turned out so differently if you had stayed with me.” 

Ray turned the key on the final coffin “Goodbye darling I’m sure we’ll meet again some day”.

“Ray you’ve not eaten much tonight are you OK?”

“Yes Mum I’m fine”.

“How was your day Dad?” he said trying to change the subject.

“Well, a strange thing happened. We were burning up old Mr Parker and found a metal plate amongst the ashes”. “His family were adamant that he’d never had anything taken away or added. So it’s a mystery where they came from.”

Ray smiled at his parents nervously, hoping his parents weren’t joining up the dots.

The doorbell rang and Ray’s heart started beating fast and his hands felt clammy.

“I’ll go” said Ray’s Dad.

“Ray it’s for you – it’s the police”. 

Denise Dale has asserted her right to be identified as the author of this Work in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.