Mission is…

the eternal heartbeat at the centre of the universe.
the rhythm of an unparalleled love with no end and no beginning.
Longing to reach us,
to touch us,
to impress the truth upon us –
we are free to be the unique person we truly are.
We are loved and acceptable.
That’s it.
End of.
No qualification or exemptions.
No need for a constant desire to please.
No fear that we don’t quite measure up,
No exhausting battle to keep up a pretence and conceal the weakness, jealousy and rage.
A persistent anxiety that we might not have done enough,
the nagging doubt that we’re just ordinary and maybe don’t even deserve to be seen.
Yet even more than this,
we are celebrated for who we are!

The Creator gazes on us as a mother looks upon her newborn baby.
The Divine Spirit whispers an endless stream of love, encouragement and affirmation.
We spark interest and bring joy to the Redeemer and Liberator of humankind.
But we don’t see, hear or perceive.
We’re blinded by disappointment,
Made deaf by grief and betrayal,
Our perceptions are distorted by fickle friendship and past experiences of conditional love.

Yet some of us have glimpsed a different reality.
A place where when we’re lonely and on the edge, we are welcomed into community,
when we feel vulnerable and broken, we are protected and shown compassion,
when we’re in need, we are given what we lack,
when voiceless we’re provided with opportunities to speak,
when powerless offered space to exercise our gifts and express creativity.
It’s also where all living things are respected and considered of value.

Yes we continue to make mistakes,
the wounds are still very much part of our story,
we remain capable of causing immense pain to others, as well as ourselves.
But we seek to grow in self awareness,
confidence to admit our folly,
and a willingness to trust relationships are strong enough to ask for forgiveness.
We feel inspired to go and see where the Sacred is already at work,
join in with their transforming activity,
find the meaning and purpose for our lives,
by revealing a vision of what the Divine intended,
even before the first atoms collided,
and which we look forward to as our eternal inheritance.

28 October 2017