Who we are

Welcome to Sacred Space Kingston!  This is the collective vision of a number of local people. They have come together to show through art, community and the re-imagining of ancient spiritual practices an alternative way to live, one that Jesus modelled. There are a number of different aspects to our work.


Sacred Space, Kingston goes to fairs and Mind, Body, Spirit events with the aim of blessing those interested in spirituality. We work with people of different faiths to create installations that encourage personal reflection in traditional places of worship or learning and holistic health.



Facilitators run arts workshops and courses on meditation and stress alleviation, as well as small discussion groups that explore the contemporary relevance of Christ-centric spirituality.

me at pickwell


We are building a welcoming and inclusive community that journeys with spiritual seekers as they discover where their life stories fit and enhance the experience of others in relationship with the divine.

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Envisioning and equipping other Christ-centric folk with the sensitivity, skills and confidence to reach out to searchers after spirituality and meaning in our Western, post-modern culture.

MSM course teach

We partner with other organisations such as YMCA LSW and CMS and are supported by charitable trusts, as well as individual donors.

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One thought on “Who we are

  1. Brian Miller says:

    Reading your article in the Baptist Times, I recognised similar themes to recent experience in Scotland. It was clear from discussion at the last Assembly of the Baptist Union of Scotland that chaplaincy of various sorts is an area offering much opportunity for service and witness. This extends also to the fields of education and health – schools are in much need of help to meet their curriculum commitments relating to spiritual aspects of whole life education and many health centres welcome the presence of a counselling service for clients. Although chaplaincy is not new, there are new opportunities arising in this field. As the current chairman of the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office Advisory Group, I also see these opportunities arising and being developed from an ecumenical perspective. All helps in expanding the kingdom!

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