One size fits all


My son had his first match of the season at the weekend.  Unfortunately his team lost 8-0!  Part of the problem is that all their kits are the same size but boys come in all shapes and sizes.  As you can see, this oversized kit can really impede speed and agility.  Anyway that was their excuse!  This reminds me of David going to fight Goliath in armour that was not his own and way too big.  Fortunately he had the sense to be himself and use what he knew in a different context, that of defending his sheep, to defeat the Philistine. But how often do we try and use models that others have had success with to do what God is calling us to?  Maybe a large part of the fun and the challenge of our journey of faith is to allow God to work through our creativity to find new and more appropriate ways to outwork His Kingdom where we are.  That is what I will be doing at the weekend as we seek to bless and reveal God’s love and goodness to those who come along to the Surbiton Festival.  This also makes me wonder about how our one size fits all mentality applies to the way we do church.  Didn’t Jesus say something about the need for new wineskins for the new wine?!




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